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HOW DO YOU TELL SOMEBODY THAT YOU'RE HIV+? follows a day in the life of a Haneefa, young African American woman from New Jersey, as she struggles to disclose her HIV+ status to the father of her daughter. As Haneefa travels to refill her AIDS medication, she reflects on how her quality of life is sustained through Medicaid, a government-assistance program.

writer/director/producer/camera: Hima B.
13:28 minutes; USA; video; color; sound; documentary; mini-DV video
editor: Tiffany Lawrence co-editors: Hima B. & Leigh Johnson
music: Bill Mattinson audio mix: Tom Lino
© 2011 Hima B.

Official Selection:
• Women’s Film Festival (March 2011, Brattleboro, VT)
• European Independent Film Festival (April 2011, Paris)
• New Filmmakers (April 2011, NYC)
• Black International Cinema (May 2011, Berlin)